Award Show Round Up: Oscars 2020

What a difference a year makes huh? My little corner of film Twitter is ecstatic with the results last night, instead of declaring the end of the Academy’s relevance over Green Book. Also, it was a fun show! Bogged down a bit by a ho-hum original song crop, but with enough genuine surprises and moments of emotion to keep me engaged through the whole thing.

The opening was so weird and I loved it:

Sincere Brad Pitt is so much better than the schtick he had been doing this whole season up to this point:

So excited that “Hair Love” won!

There were a lot of great Bong Joon Ho moments last night (and I’ll be sharing more) but I think my favorite is how much of a dork he was as his cowriter was accepting for Best Original Screenplay:

(Also Diane’s excitement for them is adorable!)


(I know she had won before, but it also means we can say Academy Award winning Little Women so that’s worth celebrating to me.

And my first tears of the night were from watching Dianne Ladd watch Laura Dern win an Oscar:

Also – I know I don’t recap the Independent Spirit Awards but you need to see this:

OK, back to last night, there were lots of montages, which I’m a huge fan of, particularly, when for no given reason they end with an Eminem performance that clearly thrilled people exactly my age and confused everyone else:

(Sorry about the poor quality – ABC hasn’t posted the full performance yet?)

A well deserved second Oscar for Sir Roger Deakins:

While we’re talking about 1917 I feel terrible about how hilarious it is that these three men won an Oscar and forever there will be two adults dressed as cats in the frame with them in every picture of the moment:

Cynthia Erivo can sing:

But…Bernie and Elton Forever:

I have no idea if the score for Joker is good, but I do know that this moment was important:

Bong Joon Ho’s Directing speech was one of the most gracious moments I can remember at an awards show:

Look, I know that thing about the cow is a bit much, but the moment when Joaquin tries to talk about River at the end of this speech is heartbreaking and I love him and I’m just really glad he has an Oscar and a fiancée and seems happy:

Renée rambled and I love her for it, since it also means its the Oscar speech in my memory to randomly thank firefighters (shoutout to Kathryn Bigelow):


Jane Fonda did a great job presenting that award, and the cheer from the crowd was thrilling. Love Cynthia’s nod and Joaquin’s extra large clap, just everything about this. And Tom and Charlene’s fight to being the lights back up.

Fashion-wise it was a night of fun sparkle and strange volume, but generally lovely glitzy.


America Ferrera in Alberta Ferretti (Photo Credit: Getty Images) 


Mindy Kaling in Dolce & Gabbana (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


Beanie Feldstein in Miu Miu (Photo Credit: Getty Images) 


Lily Aldridge in archival Ralph Lauren (Photo Credit: Getty Images) 


Janelle Monáe in Ralph Lauren (Photo Credit: Getty Images) 


Rebel Wilson in custom Jason Wu (Photo Credit: Getty Images) 


Maya Rudolph in Valentino (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


Natalie Portman in Dior Haute Couture (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Also her cape is embroidered with the names of non-nominated female directors and I love that!


Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Vera Wang (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


Brie Larson in Celine (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


Renée Zellweger in Armani Privé (Photo Credit: Getty Images) 


Adam Driver in Burberry and Joanne Tucker in Oscar de la Renta (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


Christine Lahti in Romona Keveza (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


Sigourney Weaver in Dior Haute Couture (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Award Show Round Up: BAFTAs 2020

OK, I’ll start with a confession: I didn’t actually watch the BAFTAs this year. I got invited to a Super Bowl party, and I got my timing wrong in trying to watch when it was airing in the UK through a VPN, so instead, I just followed along on Twitter and then found videos this morning, but I still think I can give you a good recap, but if there were any small moments in otherwise not important clips, I’m sorry that I missed them.

Anyway, Graham Norton is good at hosting things:

1917 obviously won big, as there is usually a slant towards the British and especially the historically British so obviously, but again, I think it’s very good. So I’m not mad.

I’m also not mad about Jacqueline Durran winning for Best Costumes for Little Women not only are her clothes gorgeous, Greta talked in this Vanity Fair clip she talked about how character driven the choices were and it makes me really happy to see that recognized: 

I continue to love Laura Dern, and also continue to pretend that she is winning these awards for Little Women and not Marriage Story, because though she is lovely in both, her character in the latter is so unrealistic to me:

Also very much enjoy Florence’s gasp for her in this clip.

I also love Taika Waititi (and I liked his movie quite a bit) but he’s holding Greta’s award. He does give a good speech though:

We got 2 Bong Joon Ho speeches!

(Also would kill QT to show like even polite happiness for him?)

Brad Pitt, despite not being there managed to still continue his “divorced-guy” comedy tour:

(Great cut to the Cambridges on that Harry line too!)

I love the Rising Star Award, and this year it did introduce me to a talent I was unaware of, can’t wait to check out Michael Ward’s work!

I’m super glad there is a Casting Award at BAFTA now and I would love for our Academy to add it as well, but I’m not glad the inaugural one went to Joker.

I’ve loved Sam Mendes for a long time, and I love Bong Joon Ho’s enthusiasm for him in this clip:

I can’t believe he never won a BAFTA before! I guess that his other awards movies have actually been about America…still, interesting.

Joaquin Phoenix obviously wins for speech of the night for addressing the all white acting categories:

Renée continues to be rambling and wonderful and I love her:

Then the least surprising thing happened:

This is my prediction for Best Picture next week, but there are enough split wins at the union awards that I’m really interested to see what happens!

Fashion wise, it was a continuation of the full volume and spangly cut out trends we’ve seen all season (some working more than others of course), here were my favs:



Greta Gerwig in Gucci (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


Zoë Kravitz in Saint Laurent (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


Prince William, Duke of Cambridge with Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge in Alexander McQueen (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


Kaitlin Dever in Miu Miu (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


Amber Anderson (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


Naomie Harris in Michael Kors Collection (Photo Credit: Getty Images) 


Hildur Guonadottir (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

73rd British Academy Film Awards, Arrivals, Royal Albert Hall, London - 02 Feb 2020

Joshua Jackson with Jodie Turner-Smith in Gucci (Photo Credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock)


Laura Dern in Valentino Haute Couture (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Award Show Round Up: Critics Choice 2020

Hey, it’s Oscar Nomination morning, and I’m seething from the snubs (you can read my thoughts, incoherently phrased on Twitter), but before we were all certain that The Academy thinks women aren’t the best directors, and mostly white people make movies, there was an awards show last night! Critics Choice is always a mess, it’s held in an aircraft hanger (?) and only about half of the nominees show up, but it also means there can be some fun moments since it feels a little loose.

That being said, the awards that chose to televise/announce beforehand or in commercial breaks made no sense…Greta won Best Adapted Screenplay! Yay! In a commercial break so she didn’t get to give a speech…Boo! Anyway my highlights:

The strange scheduling started right off with…opening with Best Actor? It went to Joaquin, as things are going to go for the rest of the season I think. He gave a very him speech, which I appreciated, because I cannot wait for him to get to an award show where they serve meat — what’s he going to do?

I’m going to pretend Laura Dern is winning for everything Little Women:

Announcing two categories at once is very weird, but Alex Borstein and Andrew Scott handled it as well as possible:

(SORRY I CAN’T FIND A VIDEO! I’ll update if one becomes available.)

I’m ambivalent about watching Succession, but Jeremy Strong seems like a good guy:

Eddie Murphy fully deserved a Lifetime Achievement Award:

I’m also very glad that Dolemite, Is My Name won Best Comedy, because it’s charming and was totally snubbed by the Academy.

I love Ava Duvernay:

I feel like Best Ensemble is great award for The Irishman since the best thing about it is that it got this group together:

(Let’s not let Al Pacino give any speeches for awhile OK?)

I’ve always loved the #SeeHer Award, and I love Kristin Bell:

Not going to share the video, but Quentin Tarantino coming up to accept Brad’s award for him when Lupita already had it handled is the most QT move ever.

I love Norman Lear:

(SORRY I CAN’T FIND A VIDEO! I’ll update if one becomes available.)

Jharrel Jerome is a treasure:

Love a J. Lo shoutout from Pheobe Waller-Bridge:

I love Renée Zellweger, and how she just lets herself be weird now:

I love a tie! They seem to happen more at Critics Choice than any other awards, also love a Bong Joon Ho speech:

You can’t tell from this clip, but he tied with Sam Mendes for 1917 which is interesting, because this does feel like an interesting race at this point for Oscar.

Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood is obviously not my pick for Best Picture, but I love Julia Butters, and that this too feels like an open race:

Fashion wise there were some weird cutouts and oddly placed embellishments, but also lots of fun color and pattern! (There isn’t enough pattern on red carpets in my opinion.) Here were my faves:


Awkwafina in Elie Saab (Photo Credit: Getty Images) 


Laura Dern in Emilia Wickstead (Photo Credit: Getty Images) 


Florence Pugh in Prada (Photo Credit: Getty Images) 


Nicole Kidman in Armani Privé (Photo Credit: Getty Images) 


Alison Brie in Brandon Maxwell (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


D’Arcy Carden in Tadashi Shoji (Photo Credit: Getty Images) 


Lupita Nyong’o in Michael Kors Collection (Photo Credit: Getty Images) 


Kaitlin Dever in Dior Haute Couture (Photo Credit: Getty Images) 


Jenny Slate in Mulberry (Photo Credit: Matt Baron/Shutterstock) 


Annabelle Wallis in Moschino (Photo Credit: Getty Images) 



Award Show Round Up: Golden Globes 2020

And we’re off! This is kind of a wild year, in that even though I have seen a lot of the nominees so far, I really didn’t know who was going to win the big awards going into last night. And there were some fun winners! And I guess I really need to find time for 1917 soon.

As for the show itself, I had fun watching it, but really could have done without Ricky Gervais, his brand of disdain for the enterprise felt fresh 10 years ago, but he’s no longer a scrappy outsider, he is also a rich, powerful famous person. He got a few good zingers in, but mostly, I found him boring.

Not boring, Ramy Youssef winning an award and reminding me I need to watch his show:

Cheers to Stellan Skarsgard’s eyebrows:

I would have given Foreign Language Film to The Farewell, but I would give every award possible to the The Farewell, and Bong Joon Ho gives a good acceptance speech:

Kate McKinnon’s speech to Ellen Degeneres (this year’s Carol Burnett Lifetime Achievement Award recipient) was my tearing up moment of the evening:

Elton John and Bernie Taupin are my favorite Hollywood marriage:

Patricia Arquette gave an important speech, and also wore her sunglasses all night, which is a move I appreciate:

Olivia Colman being slightly tipsy by the time her category came around was a gift to us all:

Tom Hanks is a class act and I love him:

I love a Michelle Williams speech, with a cut to Busy Phillips crying:

Look, I still find Quentin Tarantino to be a smug bastard, and I’m not sure I see Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood as the best comedy of the year, but I do love Brad Pitt:

Elton John’s giddy joy for Taron Egerton is so pure and lovely:


I’m not going to see Joker but I will always love Joaquin Phoenix for being the glorious weirdo he is, who prompted two friends to text me last night to ask if he was drunk. (For the record, he’s publicly in recovery and I think he was sober, he’s just an odd guy):

I love Renée Zellweger, I love that she’s back, and I love that she’s full Texan:

And then a movie no one has seen yet won Best Drama:

Fashion wise it was a mixed bag of a night, lots of strange bows and weird cutouts, but some standouts:


Laura Dern in Saint Laurent (Photo Credit: Getty)


Rachel Brosnahan in Michael Kors Collection (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


Renée Zellweger in Aramni Privé (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


Taylor Swift in custom Etro (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


Beanie Feldstein in Oscar de la Renta (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


Busy Philipps in Monique Lhuillier (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


Saoirse Ronan in Celine by Hedi Slimane


Ana de Armas in Ralph & Russo (Photo Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage)


Helen Mirren in Dior Haute Couture (Photo Credit: Getty Images)



Award Show Round Up: Oscars 2019

You know, the fact that Green Book won Best Picture, was an unpleasant surprise at the end of the night, but let’s not let that leave a bad taste in our mouths. In general, last night’s show was pleasant and fun and there were some wonderful, history making winners.

(For the record, I do not hate Green Book, but it was pretty clearly a strange choice for best movie of the year. But…at least it wasn’t Vice.) Anyway, on to better things.

For the most part I didn’t find the lack of host to be a lack at all. There are few better ways to open anything than this song:

(Also it was fun to watch which stars were really rocking out in the crowd.)

And these ladies did a great job kicking off the awards presentations:

(If we are going to return to hosts next year – not that we need to – these 3 should do that.)

Another good way to start anything: GIVE REGINA KING AN OSCAR!!!!

Everything about the costume awards presentation was epic (especially the historic winner):

Keep the good Black Panther feelings flowing for the Production Design ground breaker:

(Also I saw a tweet last night asking if the director didn’t know where Ryan Coogler was sitting or something? Why were they never cutting to him?)

I’m going to go out of order here, but like, Alfonso Cuaron got to give a lot of speeches last night, and I liked all of them. (I only wish he also got to give the final one, but we can’t everything):

(Also love how much Angela and Javier relished rolling that R.)
“There are no waves there is only the Ocean,” is also a great philosophy for looking at art.

I also LOVE that Guillermo was there to present this to Alfonso, their friendship has always made me really happy and that hug was wonderful.

Mahershela Ali is a class act who I am always happy to see get lauded, but he’s holding Richard’s Oscar:

I didn’t see Buster Scruggs but I liked our little Western moment last night:

This was a fun moment:

But my favorite duo of presenters are these awards dorks:

My first tears of the night:

And then the second:

(Sorry about the captions, the Academy was better about uploading speeches this year, but not performances for some reason…) And yes, I see all your tweets about how their chemistry is incendiary. But to quote Katey Rich, “In this house we respect Irina Shayk!”


The least surprising win of the night (totally deserved of course):

And the most. Look, I love Olivia, I really really do, but what does Glenn have to do? Kill and skin a horse?

(Also – I know his speech wasn’t perfect and he should have thanked Freddie more directly, but I love Rami and I especially love that he and Lucy Boynton are in love and so this speech warmed my heart a lot):

This blog is a Peter Farrelly free zone, so I will not be posting the video of Best Picture. So, let’s move onto fashion. It was a night of a lot of fluffy pink (like a lot) of fluffy pink, but there were a lot of great gowns!

Constance Wu in custom Versace (Photo Credit: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)


Yalitza Aparicio in Rodarte (Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)


Regina King in Oscar de la Renta (Photo Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)


Glenn Close in Carolina Herrera (Photo Credit: Jay L. Clendenin/LA Times)

Give this woman a fucking Oscar.


Melissa McCarthy in Brandon Maxwell (Photo Credit: Getty/Steve Granitz)


Helen Mirren in Schiaparelli Haute Couture (Photo Credit: Getty Images/Nielson Barnard)


Emma Stone in Louis Vuitton (Photo Credit: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)


Lucy Boynton in Rodarte (Photo Credit: Steve Granitz/WireImage)


Danai Gurira in Brock Collection (Photo Credit: Getty Images)


Best Picture Baking Project: Driving Miss Daisy


I’ve now officially seen the movie that won Best Picture the year I was born! That feels like some sort of milestone. I’m not sure what it marks except that I have actually managed to stick to a pattern of continuing this project consistently in the last few months, but I’ll take it as a win.

Had I seen this one before?

As you can guess from my intro, no I hadn’t seen it before, though, obviously, it’s joked about and referenced enough that I knew the broad outline.

Top 3 observations on this viewing? 

  1. The score – recorded all on synthesizers by composer Hans Zimmer – is so 1989 and insane, but also bouncy and kind of fun.

2. I was on edge the whole time waiting for this uncomfortable premise (old Southern white lady hires an African American man to be her driver) to veer somewhere really offensive. (I watched Cimarron, Crashand Dances With Wolves all in a row I don’t trust the Academy very much on race right now.) But, despite the deferential language Morgan Freeman uses, which would have been true to the period I’m sure, this was much more nuanced that I was expecting.

3. The fact that Dan Ackroyd was nominated for a Supporting Actor Oscar for this is insane. I mean, he’s fine, nothing wrong with his performances, but it’s literally just “affable guy with an accent.” They should’ve nominated Patti LuPone as his wife for her side eye alone.


What did it beat? Did it deserve to win? 

Born on the Fourth of July I have a lot of issues with Oliver Stone, but his is a great film

Dead Poets Society – As I am a former prep school girl obsessed with poetry, it will surprise no one that this movie is burned into my brain. it was the first time a move made me cry until I shook.

Field of Dreams – I’ll admit I’ve never seen this all the way through, but it’s great as far as I’ve seen

My Left Foot – Great. Classic. Large Irish Family, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jim Sheridan, what more could you ask for?

Wow, what a stacked year! I’m not mad Daisy won, but I’d give it to either Born or Poets. 

Bechdel Test pass?

Um, off the top of my head, yes I think this passes. (Note: The Bechdel site confirms it does!) Daisy and her maid – Idella – both have names and talk to each other. Though their conversations are in passing and their relationship is clearly a depiction of an uncomfortable power imbalance.


But enough about all of that, I made a cake with Coca Cola (because the movie is set in Atlanta.) I modified the recipe by leaving the coca cola syrup off (it was supposed to have an entire box of powdered sugar in it, and as you can see the cake itself already had more than enough sugar in it.

Coca-Cola Cake


  • 1 cup Coca-Cola
  • 1/2 cup buttermilk
  • 1 cup butter, softened
  • 1 3/4 cups granulated sugar
  • 2 large eggs, lightly beaten
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 1/4 cup cocoa
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1 1/2 cup miniature marshmallows


  1. Preheat oven to 350F
  2. Grease and flour 13 x 9 in pan (Or be lazy like me and just line it with parchment paper.)
  3. Combine Coca-Cola and buttermilk and set aside
  4. Beat butter at low speed until creamy
  5. Gradually add sugar, beat until blended
  6. Combine flour, cocoa and soda
  7. Add flour mixture to butter alternately with cola mixture (beginning and ending with flour)
  8. Beat at low speed until just blended
  9. Stir in marshmallows
  10. Pour batter into cake pan*
  11. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes

* This step broke my spatula (full disclosure, it was old):


This is the kind of content you can get if you follow me on Instagram at @kathryndennett

2018 Live Highlights Playlist (pt. 7)


I Did Something Bad – Taylor Swift

Sorry about the weird cropping, I’m posting this version specifically for the way the editing turned the lyric from “if a man talks shit” to “if a man talks…then I owe him nothing” which I think most women in the world can appreciate.

(I kid, I know, #NotAllMen. Not even all the ones I know.)

Dance For You – Dirty Projectors

Burn It – Sunflower Bean


The rare, semi-decent concert shot taken by me

Brunswick Stew – Kacy & Clayton 

This is a real, old-fashioned folk song, which means it’s really fucking dark. You’ve been warned.

Seven Nation Army – Jack White 

Spaceman – The Killers 

Hip Hop Kids – Portugal. The Man 

Calling Cards – Neko Case 

(This version includes my love Kelly Hogan, who unfortunately was not on this Neko tour – though I have seen them sing together live and it’s magic.)

Wonder Woman – Kacey Musgraves 

Shiny One – Belly 

As always, if you have Apple Music, you can listen to the full playlist here.

Today’s bonus, not available on that platform track is:

Roll On Slow/Gloria – Glen Hansard

2018 Live Highlights Playlist (pt. 4)

I promise this blog will not only be this playlist from here on out (awards season is coming…) but for now…

Previous parts: ONETWOTHREE

Delicate – Taylor Swift

Beautiful Mother – Dirty Projectors

Little of Your Love- HAIM


From my view in Radio City Music Hall (!) they were blurry, little rock stars

House on a Hill – Olivia Chaney

Funeral Pyre – Julien Baker

(Sorry, shuffle went kind of sad on me this week…)

Feel It Still – Portugal. The Man

Confession: I didn’t actually love the rest of their set at all. But this song is great…so…

Mr. November – The National

Up the Wolves – The Mountain Goats

Never Look Back – Field Report

Go Farther in Lightness – Gang of Youths

As always you can access the whole list here.

And this week’s not on Apple Music bonus is:

Bad Blood/Should’ve Said No (mashup) – Taylor Swift

2018 Live Highlights Playlist (pt. 2)

Yay round 2! You can read a description of what this is in last week’s post.

Runaways – The Killers

You should know there are certain artists (these guys, Taylor, Harry, The Decemberists) who are going to show up on A LOT of these lists, I would apologize, but they’re all really fun live, so you’re welcome?



End Game – Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran & Future

(For better or worse – probably better? – Ed was not at our show.)

Falling Slowly – Glen Hansard

I Was a Fool – Sunflower Bean

The Question – Anna Tivel

Hotel Yorba – Jack White

Woke Up New – The Mountain Goats

If I Knew – Field Report

Woman – Harry Styles

Down By The Water – The Decemberists

And today’s not available on Apple Music bonus song is:

Present Tense – Glen Hansard covering Pearl Jam

(And this was recorded the night I saw it! (Not by me.)

As always you can listen to the whole playlist here on Apple Music.

2018 Live Highlights Playlist (pt. 1)

I mentioned in my Emmy’s post that I’ve been absent for awhile. I’m not sure exactly why, but although I’ve been on plenty of adventures this year, but I just haven’t felt terribly motivated to write about them. Maybe that will change again in the future (I definitely think theater reviews will return at the very least), but I wanted to find a way to share some of the fun I’ve been having.

So…I’m starting a new series. Throughout this year I’ve been to a lot of concerts, and I’ve started to make a playlist of the songs I’ve enjoyed on my phone. It’s really long now, and grouped roughly chronologically by show, so I mostly just listen to it on shuffle. Every week or so I’ll put it on shuffle and post the first 10 songs that play here (live versions where I can find them, no repeats from the same artist within a week) with some photos I took.

If you’re interested in following my adventures in real time – I suggest my Instagram. And don’t worry, I fully intend to be here for Awards Season madness.

Way Back In The Way Back When – Glen Hansard

Decision Day – Field Report

For Reasons Unknown – The Killers

I know this video isn’t great (also it was at Boston Calling – the music festival – not Boston College?), but I wanted to capture the one I actually saw for this one, because they called a fan up to drum (which they usually do for this song according to the internet) but our guy was good. (And as this project goes on you will see a lot of Brandon Flowers so don’t worry.)

New Year’s Day – Taylor Swift

No, I wasn’t at this secret party. Our Taylor party looked more like this:

Once In My Life – The Decemberists

Spent Gladiator 2 – The Mountain Goats

(We did not have this dramatic of an interaction with John Darnielle as an audience, but it’s hard to find a live video of this song…)

Cruel – St. Vincent

Truth Hurts – Lizzo

The Deepest Sighs, The Frankest Shadows – Gang of Youths

From The Dining Table – Harry Styles

In addition to the massive Apple Music playlist (which if you want to follow it, is publicly available here), I have a Note in my phone titled “Songs That Would Be On Mu 2018 Live Highlights Playlist But Aren’t on Apple Music,” which is too long for a title, I know. But through the wonders of YouTube I can find a lot of these songs online to still share them with you. Here is this week’s randomly chosen bonus:

I Need My Girl – The National featuring Maggie Rogers